1.) Tipp: A good solder tin is more important than a good soldering iron !!!

I can recommend: Stannol S-SN60Ph40 Typ10 with 0.5mm (Art-Nr 518639)

Component Overview

the device kit consists of this parts:

  • Arduino Xiao Board
  • Enocean TCM310 Module
  • 220uF / 35V Elko
  • Push Button
  • KNX Pins
  • SMA Antenna Connector (female)

final assembly

Note: the SMA connector is only needed in case you want to use an external Antenna. For more information see link

special solder points

It is only necessay to solder that pad with the yellow arrow. You can test the solder connection if you press the reset button and check if the board do a reset. The other three pads are only necessary in case you want to use a JTAG connection (green arrows)

This pads you do not need to solder (red arrows)